13 August 2017

Narwhal, narwhal, swimming in the ocean, because it is so AWESOME!

Here at Flossy and Jim HQ, we cannot get enough of NARWHALS! They really are 'soooo awesome!'

We even wondered if it was possible to have one as a pet, but after some hard research, it turns out you can't. *Sob!* 

Never fear....we have come up with a solution to this dilemma. Your very own 'Cyber Pet Narwhal' (You're welcome.)

Here he is! Just waiting for you inside your computer, or even inside your tiny phone!

The more you play with your pet Narwhal, the more he will respond with different emotions. Our narwhal (we named him Dave), he is pretty happy. (We have been tickling him a lot today though to be fair.)

Go and find your very own pet narwhal right here: Flossy and Jim Narwhal Game

While we were busy dreaming about pet narwhals, we thought, 'wouldn't it be nice to have clothing that expressed your love for narwhals? So we made some! You can find lots of bang on trend awesome narwhal clothing right here: Flossy and Jim Narwhal Clothing 

All of these items, and many more 'Flossy and Jim' designs are now available worldwide, AND you can even personalise them! Maybe put your own phrase or your name on them! How totally amazing is that?!

We wish you a super-fun-narwhal-tastic week! Let us know what your narwhal is called, and what mood he is in today! 

Narwhal super fans signing off. Over and Out! Xx