30 March 2017

How to be an illustrator...by a chicken

This blog was very professionally written by our guest blogger Kaitlin Dare aged 11 and a half...

Hello! I am an Easter chick called Berthalda. Came with my chicken brothers to work at Flossy and Jim! I first decided to do a small bit of photoshop. :P

Then I got a bit nervous in the presence of my to artistic idols and had a little embarrassing accident... Whoops!

I then looked on their calendar and noticed that we had a business meeting today. I reminded F and J then we got in the magical pencil-mobile and got there just in the nick of time! We got some fancy tags so people would know we are meant to be there.

We also decided to be a bit sneaky and take a few pens and mints. :P :D

Then I got out my android phone and decided to get F and J's app, so I could unlock my phone in a way I would remember better. Then I found out there is an easter app! Wow! I downloaded it as fast as physically possible.

Then I was swiping through my phone and put some 1D on whilst wearing headphones. I started screeching along to the lyrics so F and J had to shut me up...

Then I decided to help them with a stand they're making for a Japanese exhibition! So awesome!

That inspired me to get doodling, so I drew a little self portrait, I think Flossy was impressed, considering the time I did it in and the fact I don't have arms... Oh well!

Then I got a bit bored and decided to photocopy my bum! Tee he! Overall my experience at Flossy and Jim office was awesome!

We think you will agree it offers a very good account into the life of an illustrator, by a chicken! Well done Kaitlin. If anyone else would like to guest blog for us - give us a shout!