30 April 2017

Kon'nichiwa Furoshī to Jimu

Hello! Hope you are enjoying the bank holiday weekend!

Apologies for not posting in a while...we have decided to slow down our blog a little bit, and will post monthly updates for a little while instead of the usual weekly posts. Each post will be condensed down into high quality information and less guff about what we had for dinner...although we will probably still write about that too...

This month marked an extremely exciting event for Flossy and Jim! Our brand was officially introduced to the world of licensing, and the first stop was Tokyo in Japan! WOW!

We created a pink llama especially for the event...we heard the Japanese people like llamas a lot.

This is a picture of our stand - can you spot us?! Can't believe we had Sindy and Arty Mouse for next door neighbours. Truly honoured!

Our agent at 'Edutainment Licensing' went along to the expo show which is where all licensing business is done. It was a good opportunity to also promote our new app, alongside the Care Bears! 

Speaking of our agent, have you met her yet? Please let us introduce you to the lovely Denise. She is a very lovely and clever lady and is helping us take over the world with pink llamas and unicorns.

Our feature in 'License Global' magazine! OMG. *We feel like this is a dream.*

In other exciting news...this week we were also featured in the local press as we were finalists in the Herald Express Business Awards! We were through to the finals for 'Excellence in Customer Service' - which was very exciting for us.

(We do take our job seriously honest.)

We REALLY do have a 'Don't get Eggy' customer service handbook!

It was a fab night and a great excuse to get dressed up. We normally wear pyjamas at work all day!

It was a really posh event with a drum procession to open, guest speakers and Judy Spiers from the TV hosting the event!

Here we are with our good friends from 'Clothing your Way'. They were finalists for 'Best New Business'.

Posh award book to read whilst eating your dinner. 
Oh....why thank you! We didn't win the award but Jim jumped on the winners stage anyway to get in the photo...(he is so cheeky.) Can't wait to see his naughty face in the 'winners newspaper' this week! Massive congrats to Beverley Park Holidays who did win!

This week we also launched a NEW keypad on our app! If you have not downloaded the app yet - what are you waiting for?! It's a brand new and exciting way to unlock your android phone! Make opening your phone HAPPY! The app is FREE so you have no excuses! (Additional keypads cost 0.80p each!) Have fun!!! 

Hope you guys are all good and we will catch you again soon! Let us know your monthly highlights in the comments below! 'Furoshī to Jimu' Over and Out! Xx